MORE  than £2,000 has been raised to help improve the health of women in the TRNC through a pioneering research project. The money has been collected to help establish a Cyprus Women’s Health Research Initiative, which is the brainchild of Trukish Cypriot Dr. Nilufer Rahmioglu Ramiz. Dr. Rahmioglu Ramiz hopes to reach a fundraising target of £5,000, to enable the intiatitve to be launched, through sponsorship when she competes in the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology’s charity run on Monday, July 4. Money collected via the 5km run in Helsinki, Finland, will enable her to begin work on what is believed will be the first population-based women’s health study in the TRNC.

The Oxford University academic has worked for five years on identifying the causes of women’s health conditions, especially endometriosis, a disease which causes severe pelvic pain. Through her research project in Cyprus, she hopes to establish specific genetic and environmental causes of such health conditions, so enabling effective remedies to be implemented.

Mother-of-one Dr. Rahmioglu Ramiz thanked supporters for their donations to date. To help, visit